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Flight Duty for Tablets

1.6 usd

*** Tablet Version ***Let an app compute your flight time limitation.
Stop these endless discussions with crew-control and avoid these embarrassing violation reports in future, because you inadvertently busted your duty limit.
Flight Duty for TaTablets is a small and easy to use app, especially optimized for Android(TM) Tablet devices, which helps you to determine the maximum allowable flight duty period and the minimum rest you need after that duty. The app is functionally identical with the phone version "Flight Duty Calculator", but is optimized for the larger screen of tablets. All information can be shown on a single screen.
Key features:
-- easy and intuitive to use
-- calculation according EU-Ops subpart Q
-- flighttime extension included in calculation
-- Window of Circardian Low (WOCL) included in calculation
-- shift due to the difference between local time and UTC
-- effect of the place of first departure (homebase or not)
-- no ads
Split duty times are to be implemented by local authorities, as well as extensions due to pilots decision, so they are not considered in this app. However, I would be happy to develop special versions for companies or persons, so please contact me if you need special features implemented.
If you are flying under an Austrian AOC, you can use the Austrian edition "Flight Duty Austria" which implements the extension according to AOCV in addition to the Eu-Ops regulations. "Flight Duty Austria" can be found in google play.
If you are flying under FAR part 121, you can use the FAA edition "Flight Duty Calculator (FAA)" which implements FAR part 117. "Flight Duty Calculator (FAA)" can be found in Google Play.
Please be aware, that local regulations and company procedures can further restrict the regulations, so never forget, that you as pilot are ultimately responsible for acting according to the regulations.
For questions please contact us vie